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Description for Pacific

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Description for Atlantic

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Hurricane Season : May 15 - November 30Hurricane Season : June 1 - November 30
<=Hurricane>=Tropical storm !=Tropical Depression /=Post A=desturbance x=Remnants
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Saffir Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale(SSHWS)
<38Tropical Depression
39-73Tropical Storm
74-95Hurricane Category 1
96-110Hurricane Category 2
111-129Hurricane Category 3 * Magor Hurricane
130-156Hurricane Category 4 * Magor Hurricane
157<Hurricane Category 5 * Magor Hurricane

Ace Forecast

I think that the Atlantic Hurricane season will be below normal and will also be affected by the el-nino comming up soon. It might be below average, or above average depending on el-nino.Saharan Air Layer(SAL) is large even now which limits hurricanes, as well as wind shear in the east area of the MDR.

Above AverageBelow AverageNeutral


To turn to el~nino there needs to be weak trade winds moving west. It is being detected due to wind decresing in most of the ENSO(El~Nino Southern Oscilation) area. It can prove for an expantion of the warm pool to the surface That which is in the west.The east has Very warm waters due to Average. The same will happen to the west. There will be a near-strong el~nino this year, making more storms in the pacific. A likelyness of a classic el nino with a small area of cold in the southern nino 1+2 reigion will head storms tward the central pacific and the Baja


Current warning(s) : there are no warnigs abalable now

Enso Warning System : El Nino watch

ACE for Pacific : 294.1
ACE for atlantic : 105.6

Forecast storms for Pacific :
Forecast hurricanes for Pacific :
Forecast magor hurricanes for Pacific :
Forecast Pacific ACE :
Forecast storms for Atlantic :
Forecast hurricanes for Atlantic :
Forecast magor hurricanes for Atlantic :
Forecast Atlantic ACE :

EPAC/CPAC watchout =
ATL Watchout = 10st


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